The primary purpose of Symbiosis Software is to significantly increase the quality of our clients' documentation and source code.

Symbiosis Software is a small privately held company whose owner has over thirty years of experience in software development. He has worked in all sorts of small and large projects in about ten different companies. He has worked as a supporter, a maintainer, a developer, a fire fighter, a build master, an educator, and a project lead. He has primarily worked with design and implemtation of programming languages and tools for developing software (compilers, linkers, debuggers, and other auxilliary tools) but has also worked in the fields of embedded systems, accounting software, remote control software, and lastly website development.

His primary area of interests within software development are in the areas of design, development, maintenance, and documentation that is easy to maintain, extend, review, learn, and correct. He considers software development a craft, not an art. The whole idea that software development is an art stems from lack of knowledge. The more you know about software development, the less it becomes an art and the more it becomes a craft.

He has worked in a number of different roles in the commercial software industry, in four different countries and in three different states in the USA.

Symbiosis Software is located in Herning, Danmark and our primary mail address is:


We strongly prefer to use mail instead of phone and other means of communicating as mail leaves a digital trail that can always be consulted to see exactly how the conversation went. Furthermore, mail has the advantage that it is both quick and easy to use.